A Celebration of Peace in Ireland


"All For Ireland" 2008

20th October 2008
Lir 680
National Concern

The disappearing rights & privileges of the Irish Race in their own land

The Question is will it be more "Murderous Stress" to be imposed by the over €100k spivs in suits?

Dare we Hope for a new dawn?

Now that the Bankers party is over and the tower of digits has crumbled to the ground of reality, a world of understanding is there waiting to greet honest communities from the Andes to Zansibar. The bullies, savages and iron clads of so called digitised development have had their day and as always the poor are left to pay i.e. the rest of us. As always a few people with exceptional power of money and democratic position secure in protected public offices and the power that goes with them think little of the harm they have done. The raw bare exposure of the financial world says a lot but is certainly not saying everything that needs to be understood. The “regulator” who is well paid to keep an eye on the banks failed to blow whistle – he must be fired – he did not do his job. The cost of correcting measures must be levied on the perpetrators. All financial managers must suffer personal income reduction.

In 2008 speed is the gift allegedly to save or damn the world. There are no borders anymore, no truly tyrannical government structure to isolate their people from the world at large as of the past as in Joe Stalin etc. However we fail to understand the range of communities that exist from Hollywood to Bollywood, Russia’s mighty men, the Chinese hoards all represented as per Noah’s Arc, the Tower of Babel, the outback’s of the Americans, old Europe, the Gouchoes of South America, the Tribal Arabs and Afghanis; all products of long term social evolution appropriate to their particular geographic spread on the face of Mother Earth. Whether rich or poor, we all love and wish to live in our native country. The Lenihan, Harney bungling re the medical cards says they and their staff have no feel for their Irish heritage i.e. they are not patriots, only incompetents, bullies and posers.

Don’t mention the detached fools digitised in Wall Street and London’s mile etc. where the only God is speed and time to think is disposed of at the peril of the so called market. The cycle cycles onwards, the crunch inevitably comes but the truth will emerge that shovelling money around while ignoring logic like crazy fools is a truly mortal sin, emphasis on mortal. Money is only a means of exchanging wealth in itself incapable of creating wealth.

Spivs in Suits
And as the tornado sweeps the streets of New York, London and Tokyo and the stock exchanges bits of paper blow in the wind. It need not be Armageddon. It is a new 3rd millennium dawn of hope for honest mankind where the logic of 1 and 1 is 2 and work produces benefit which with ethics, respect and honestly will once again hopefully become the pillars of mankind common to all societies all around the world. No more the Departmental bully boy arrogance attempting ignorant arrogant domination using the lies of greedy men and false power given to the few by so called democratic processes where fools of the world stage still persist coveting other tribal lands and wrenching power from ordinary folk. These modern institutional tyrants were initially created to serve; yet their cocooned vanity and their greed and arrogance lives on amongst us. Today it is George Bush someone else tomorrow. If we are not careful, perhaps a different world and space empire builder will emerge but the “tyrant” ambition will be the same. The ordinary man and woman must be ever watchful as we select new world leaders that allow impervious power of obnoxious public service collegiality to ruin our lives once again.

But like the seedling in the garden in the spring we may wonder at the beauty of calm and integrity of a new dawn in October 2008 free of the club of shouting greedy stock and bank men that nearly brought the world to ruin. There is a peculiar calm after the stock market storm and financial collapse “be curamuc” there are no enduring dreams in spivs suits,

So good morning to my fellow man, let us try to understand each other in the clear light of this new dawn and try to repair the ravenous lust and vanity of fools. Drink a glass of clean water if you can and if you can not then something is seriously wrong with our modern world society. Say hello to your neighbour or his dog and make it a better simple honest day. If you can do this everything is possible. It may be hard to see the good in many of our fellow men but lets try and build a better world order to keep the planet safe to work for each of us. The shock of the financial tsunami says play fair and keep the planet alive. The vanity, greed and stupidity of the financial spiral encouraged by the credo that “greed is good”, that is one hell of a lie; emphasis on “hell”.

Perhaps the natural evolution of ethnic groups of people around the world should be preserved as in small nations. This is the equaliser for us all and should give us great stability. Behold the man equal in his ethnic isolation. Perhaps when genetically mixed he becomes a dangerous greedy hybrid as in USA; Perhaps with an inevitable dominant gene with the objectivity of greed. Looking ahead for good or evil which will win this time around; the Omens are bad for the concept that man “homosapiens” is an ascending animal.

Fat Cats only destroy our right to be Irish Humane and Caring
Certainly the power of greed and stupidity as depicted by the fall of the financial institutions and its incumbents is horrific. It clearly pointed to the inevitable destruction of the planet in the shortest possible time. They had forgotten that “Henry Ford could only eat one dinner”

Levies could only be good for you health
The “fix it” government’ public service must stop trampling on the aged and dumping “murderous stress” and poverty on the weak and vulnerable who did not cause the problem. Why not levy 10% on the salaries of all permanently engaged in financial services and related public services that fuelled the collapse of currency, with rampant extravagance. Justice demands that crime does not pay.


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