A Celebration of Peace in Ireland


National Emergency

30th September 2008
Lir 674

One Man’s View - Ireland in the state of
National Emergency.

Only prompt action can save the day.

This cannot be denied.


The buck is held in trust for the Nation by the Politician’s who have the power of Directors and the Public Service the latter is a varied camp of sundry professionals that are in current terms over protected and inflexible. We must put an end to this inflexibility immediately. We must reduce the cost of Public Service in the most cost effective way possible.

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The Core of the Problem

Ireland is in financial crisis; it will pass; but it will take at least three years to stabilise.

How do we deal with our over populated Public Service?

There cannot be soft expensive; golden handshakes all round just to please some state mandarins that are happy to hold the nation to ransom. Priority must be to get as many Public Service members off the payroll for two to three years at least cost.

National wastage and general progress will justify their return to the service in 2 or 3 years, coming back with better skills and a better view of what it takes to make the Country work.

Option 1:
Make an offer available to 5,000 and upwards of mid range civil servants to get them off the payroll for two to three years this would save the exchequer €250,000,000 per annum. Plus the office overhead costs which would probably be a further €100million per year.

The option to individuals would be to take leave of absence to get a job in industry or the private sector generally which would pay them a salary equivalent to their existing salary or whatever they are satisfied to take. The temporary employer would not have to pay pension scheme costs. This facility would enable the public servants to learn on the job how 1.)wealth is created and 2.) give them an understanding of the urgency of time. When these leave of absence individuals return to the Public Service they will be better equipped to deal with the public.

Option 2:

A second procedure that is essential would be to appoint really independent investigator to determine the suitability of our senior departmental officials to carry out their work. I.e. do they understand their client base and the essential requirements for prompt and decisive service to the nation in general. Have we promoted inappropriately experienced general secretary to any department. This would certainly cost the county anything from €5–500million per annum if they don’t know their job and how to do it and how to get it done promptly. Bi-annual vetting of such important people is a basic essential for the success of Ireland PLC.

The game being played in the Public Service with their snakes and ladders method of reward (pay) calculation by verdict they justify an increased in take home pay for public representatives which in turn of course means that the public representative have no option only to approve a similar justification of increase in the wage bill for the public servants themselves. This game has to stop.

The Ministers of our country must rule the roost. There can be no ambiguity about this Sir Humphreys is there to serve advise not to dictate.

The population of this Republic demand fair play if somebody does not get his place on the team it simply means he has not justified his position and “made the cut”. That is why Michael MacDonald is disappointed every day and he never gets a golden handshake of €100k from anyone. Instead Sir Humphreys stands on his foot every time he tries to move.

The Ombudsman’s office is a pussy cat when it comes to getting redress for John Citizen even when a maladministration and adverse effect has been accepted as reality.

Finally: we should all congratulate the Government for saving Ireland from Financial collapse- simply a stroke of Irish genius. 30th September 2008.


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